Our Story


We create and hold space for individuals, organizations, and communities to cultivate their optimal life. We use the nonviolent communication and resistance models to support a culture of compassion, connection, and action. We mobilize and give back in our community because we understand that we have the ability and responsibility to not only raise our own level of awareness, but to also aid in the global movement towards a more conscious and compassionate world.

About Us

The Love & Light Institute (LLI) was founded in 2015 by Corey Dobyns and Jamie Butler.  LLI was born out of a need to connect and grow the healing arts in collaboration with community. 

We saw a need. The need for people to have access to resources that allows them to be valued in ways that our society does not always provide.

To be seen, to be heard and to be given an opportunity to find resolve and reconciliation in their wounds. A place to celebrate their joy and to come together in community.

Our role is to bridge the gaps that exist for people to access information about the healing arts and make it accessible. We provide access to healing experiences and learning in an expansive environment both in person and online. Through our dynamic programming and innovative strategies we fill in the holes that exist in our communities.


Corey Dobyns,CEO

Corey’s background founded in service and connection. Her service with The Corporation for Community and National Service is where she learned the art of mobilizing community connections and resources to effect change. She has continued as an advocate, connector, and activist through the years serving in various organizations and community groups. 

Corey has extensive training and experience in the area’s of self compassion, self care, community building, trauma models, and recovery. Yet her main motivation and talent is connecting people-to-people to serve the greater good. She has trained with and facilitates with Life University’s Compassionate Integrity and Secular Ethics program, the National Coalition Building Institutes Social Justice model, and is continuing training within the nonviolent restorative justice model. Corey blends her knowledge of individual healing with a broader perspective rooted in community and reconciliation of our collective celebrations and wounds.

Corey is a licensed and practicing Massage Therapist since 2006 where she has provided direct care for thousands of clients over the years. Corey is eager to help people feel more comfortable in their own bodies. She enthusiastically shares her knowledge within the community both online and in-person. Corey enjoys helping clients solve puzzling pain patterns that help resolve physical, emotional, and psychological manifestations of their injury, trauma, and blockages.


Jamie Butler

Jamie Butler is natural born Medium, media-personality and author working internationally for three decades. She is an educator, lecturer in the field of healing arts and the author of With Love and Light: a true story about an uncommon gift. Jamie is also the featured medium in My Son and the Afterlife and My Life after Death.

Jamie’s business babies are The Center for Love and Light and The Lighter Side Network in Atlanta, GA, both created to help hold, share and shine light on to the wonderful subtle light experiences of life. She is dedicated to helping people of all ages wake up to their natural intuitive abilities. Her core value is community over competition.