Program Initiatives

Community Initiatives

Our Community Initiatives actively connects the community with events, educational, and healing experiences with the focus on the integration of the mind, body, and soul. The environment is equally interactive as it is mindfully constructed. 

We offer learning experiences at The Center for Love and Light in Atlanta, GA and via live streaming or pre-recorded classes. We go out into the community to partner with other organizations to offer dynamic services to inspire a culture of connection. 

Since our inception in the Spring of 2015 the Institute has connected 2,038 participants with 107 dynamic free or donation based in-person experiences. Each year we see a steady and sustainable increase in our capacity to truly serve the community within the program structure at The Institute.

Getting to the Hear(t)

Getting to the Hear(T) mobilizes a highly committed and skilled team of compassionate listeners to locations around the metro-Atlanta area. The space allows for participants to be heard, seen, and valued in a relaxed and interactive environment. We make room for the mind, body, emotions, and the soul to interact during our listening sessions. We collaborate with other organizations to offer this service at events, conferences, and gatherings. We do pop-up stations at community festivals, rallies, and events. 

Do you have an event coming up that needs a Hear(T) space? Are you interested in volunteering time to listen?

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Healing Night

Healing Night is our flagship bi-monthly program. The evening is designed to provide services to participants at zero or donation based cost to help remove the economic barriers that may exist for people. The practitioners offering services volunteer their time and talents. It is a beautiful evening of sharing gifts, listening to stories, and receiving healing work that may otherwise not be accessible in ones life.

Community Collaborations

We actively partner with other nonprofit organizations to co-host, implement, and plan community events, workshops, and gatherings. Does your nonprofit need an idea partner or alignment with a organization actively working in the healing arts, contact us. We love co-creating and getting out into the community.

What’s your idea? We want to hear it. 

Fiscal Partner Program

The Link: Connecting fiscal and educational resources for practitioners and small business owners in the Healing Arts

We know there are obstacles facing small business owners in the healing arts that are unique to the type of work. We know there are obstacles facing small business owners in the healing arts that are unique to the type of work you do and provide to the community. We collaborate with small business owners in the healing arts to help elevate your work while not breaking the bank. Hit us up to explore options. We are looking for business owners who have a strong sense of identity and direction to grow with.

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With the Fiscal Partners program, The Love + Light Institute functions as a fiscal sponsor, which is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status that receives grants and donations on behalf of a group engaged in activities related to the sponsor’s charitable purpose (in this case, connecting small business owners in the healing arts with community).

Program Benefits

  • This program provides low cost administrative services to registered collaborative partners of The Love + Light Institute 
  • The Love + Light Institute establishes a fund for each collaborative small business partner to track income and expenses.
  • The Love + Light Institute serves as trustee and assumes fiduciary responsibility for all project/program funds.
  • Groups can accept donations without having to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and The Love + Light Institute will send acknowledgment of tax-deductible contribution to all contributors.
  • The Fiscal Partners Program allows groups to focus on raising funds and maximize their impact in the community and their particular target audience.