Give Time, Energy or Dollars

How We Thrive
We thrive knowing that practitioners, healers, and educators in the healing arts field have the resources they need to maintain their own spaces and to be able to do the great work they see themselves doing. This is the best vicious cycle imaginable. When the healers get support, they are able to service their community, which the community then supports the healer. We are aiming to bring the healers out of the online home office and out of the basements and single rooms of other spaces and into their own beautiful, safe, and clean working space to offer in person sessions. 

Our Ask for Funding will be accessible to a variety of people who represent the healing arts and economic diversity. We support an equitable economic model that encourages and sustains an accessible and inclusive culture. 

With your financial gift, LLI will continue to break down economic barriers to provide physical spaces for the healing arts in the South. Hopefully in the near future, we are reaching beyond those borders to a national coverage.

Thank you for believing in the work of The Love and Light Institute and sharing your treasure with us via a tax-deductible donation.


Gifts in Kind List

Browse our Gift in Kind Asks below. You will see the company, location, and the gift in kind with a link. If you want to purchase the item, follow the link and have it shipped directly to the company. Email us as soon as you can, with the copy of your receipt, name of company and gift in kind. We will send you a donation letter with the amount you gifted for your own reports and remove the Ask from our list. Thank you for supporting the healing arts field.


Coming soon.

Volunteer your Time

LLI offers a place for those in our community to volunteer their time towards your cause. Though we don’t offer support for programming and business coaching we do believe in lending a hand to help set up your physical space and help keep your office space in working order so it can hold your work.

At the beginning of each month, LLI will post volunteer requests on their website and in their monthly newsletter. You can reach out directly to them to offer your time. It would be up to you, the volunteer, to tell us your hours so we may write a donation of time and cost letter if needed.

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