Our Story


The Love & Light Institute supports spiritual wellness spaces through funding practitioners, healers, and educators to have autonomy over their own spaces & or equipment and match volunteers to those businesses so the healing arts and their good work may thrive.

Good Work: metaphysical healing arts which expresses inclusivity across economic levels, gender & identity diversity, race, and beliefs. The basis of the good work is being able to meet people where they are and hold space for them to grow in the ways they are seeking.

Types of Good Work
The good work can be achieved through energy healing modalities such as but not limited to reiki, pranic healing, jin shin jyutsu, energy codes, human design, touch for life, intuitive/psychic coaching, intuitive/ psychic readings, astrology, numerology, tarot readings, runes, dowsing, energy healing, chakra clearings, acupressure, acupuncture, dry needling, ayurvedic therapy, homepathic medicine, chiropractic therapy, art therapy, alexander techinique, rolfing, massage therapy, sound healing, breath work, compassionate communication, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), mindfulness, meditation, yoga, psychomantuem sessions, faraday box treatment, qi-gong, therapeutic touch, healing touch, hypnotherapy, quantum touch, energetic unwinding, emotrance and cranio-sacral therapy, and so many other modalities that are continuing to clear, align, and heal the human as a whole.

Why are We Needed

What is Lacking
The healing arts and metaphysical studies have not fully been able to express themselves within our culture due to many reasons. These reasons range from belief systems, lack of funding, lack of visibility, lack of education, lack of support, and more. When someone is called to offer energy work, they must first find a place to study, which most often will not be certified because there is not a single governing system in the United States that protects the study of all complementary healing modalities. There are a few limited organizations such as CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Healthcare and Medical Practices) that acknowledge some practices that have been proven safe and effective by a scientific method approach. They have created a list of five major domains: alternative medical systems, mind-body interventions, biologically-based treatments, manipulative and body-based methods and energy therapies. The very fact that CAM is waiting for scientifically proven, evidence-based practices, and labeling those practices which fall outside this definition as alternative medicine shows that even this system can not completely embrace the act of healing without scientific proof. Healing can be found in the placebo effect, which scientist cannot completely understand. Who are they or anyone to this fact to say healing has to be measurable to be real? The practitioner already has the science stacked against them. 

Practitioners Journey
The healer now has to find a school, training, mentor, teacher, or class/workshop which most likely is not nationally certified. They will then need to be adept in being seen for their own personal approach to healing, as healing does not follow step by step instructions, which can bring on imposter syndrome because the practitioner is not performing the same types of work their peers are doing. This life’s work with subtle light energy is so individualist. It is like being a colorful rainbow but the world around you needs you to be black and white. 

To work in the healing arts, they must be brave enough to stand alone and hold space for others who do not understand them. They must be compassionate to themselves and clients as the work they are involved in is with subtle light energy. It is called subtle for a reason, it can be manipulated, destroyed, and ignored so easily. All of this needs to be taken into consideration when doing this work. 

Searching for Support
Now the practitioner will find that there are not a lot of laws to protect their work, not many insurance policies that will accept their work, and even not many states that will acknowledge their work which puts them into the fringe. How does one find a space to do their good work in now? They will often find themselves sharing an office with an unrelated business, or in a back room, closet, basement. Those that collaborate with spas find 50-70% pay loss due to the pay split per service.

Many places want you to work without getting paid yet instead trade you visibility, food, social media placement or nothing at all but the chance to land some long term clients. For others, they find places with low overhead because being a solo-preneur in the energy healing field does not pay a lot, and they cannot do ‘bulk factory’ work as most of the work is done one on one. So there is a time limit hence creating a financial limit. These low overhead places are often dingy, not up to date, remote, and do not provide the environmental needs to host a clients healing such as disabled access.

Healing Spaces Have Needs Too
Healing spaces need natural light, natural air flow, to be clean, easy to access for all able and disabled bodies. With a beautiful space, comes relaxation and the feeling of safety, of being held in a way where you could let go. This is where the magic is in healing and this is where your support is needed. Atlanta, GA had about a third of its metaphysical healing spaces close due the economic shift during COVID quarantine. We have a larger need for spiritual wellness with less spaces to find it in.

Forbes states that spiritual wellness is in the top 10 trends for 2023.

There is a gap between spiritual wellness and its community due to the lack of physical spaces to gather. LLI intends to bridge that gap through funding, gifts in kind, and the volunteering of time to practitioners, healers, and educators who support the metaphysical healing arts field. 

About Us

The Love & Light Institute (LLI) was founded in 2015, born out of a need to connect and grow the healing arts in collaboration with community. 

LLI saw a need. The need for people to have access to resources that allows them to be valued in ways that our society does not always provide. To be seen, to be heard, and to be given an opportunity to find resolve and reconciliation in their wounds. A place to celebrate their joy and to come together in community.

Then in 2020 those resources became difficult to find in person. Even LLI ceased to run programs. COVID reshaped the healing arts and thus began an immediate need to support the physical locations holding the space for healing. The economic shift and COVID’s quarantine closed down a third of Atlanta’s complementary healing arts locations. 

Jamie Butler, chairman, saw a need to provide funding and volunteer time to those who are struggling to practice their healing arts. In 2023, the mission for LLI has turned from programing to focus on keeping doors open, lights on, equipment purchased, and offices secured for the healers, practitioners, and educators in the healing arts field. LLI will do this through fund raising, gifts in kind, and volunteering talents and time. Together we are stronger, and now more than ever, we need spiritual wellness centers. Join LLI in helping the healers thrive.

Founder 2023

Jamie Butler

Jamie Butler is natural born Medium, media-personality and author working internationally for over three decades. She is an educator, healer, and reader in the field of healing arts and the author of With Love and Light: a true story about an uncommon gift. Jamie is also the featured medium in My Son and the Afterlife and My Life after Death. She has been featured in the documentary The Creative Play of Consciousness with Deepak Chopra, as well as several other media outlets: Fox News, Peachtree in the Morning, Atlanta Journal Constitution, ATTUNE Festival with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Life, Death, Near Death, & Beyond Conference with Ram Dass, and a long list of podcasts.

Jamie’s business babies are The Center for Love and Light, The Lighter Side Network, Jamie Butler Medium in Atlanta, GA, created to help hold, share and educate about the wonderful subtle light experiences of life. She is dedicated to helping people of all ages wake up to their natural intuitive abilities. Her core value is community over competition.